When I ask who is NIKiSOUL…  It is more of a statement than a question. The part of it that is a question I am looking to define for myself. I feel like too many of us feel the need to uphold the labels that other people place on us instead of really looking inward to realize who and what we truly are or want to be and allowing what we discover to shine through. I am very guilty of this.

In some aspects of my life I am extremely sure of who I am. Then when it comes to other areas I am not so sure. I definitely uphold some labels that are placed upon me and do what makes other people comfortable. Many people around me probably wouldn’t think I do this because I don’t open up the side of myself that really deeply expresses how I feel or how others make me feel. Those are feelings that I hold inward in a little space specifically reserved primarily for me and my higher power.


So again I ask, “Who is NIKiSOUL?” Well, I am a woman… an African American woman with sprinkles of Native American and Irish passed down from my ancestors. I’m a Gemini, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I am creative. I am trying to be an entrepreneur. Again, I feel those are just labels or roles I use to describe myself.


So who is NIKiSOUL?  I am still figuring that out. I’ve been on a journey of exploration to being able to answer that question for myself for a long time. I’m not interested in other people’s definition of NIKiSOUL. Honestly, I am not interested in other people’s labels of who NIKiSOUL is. Conforming to the version of NIKiSOUL that makes other people comfortable is not something I’m interested in either. I have done that for way too long.

I am ready to be authentically me. The parts of me that need improvement… I will work on improving. The parts of me that are hurt… I will work on healing. The parts of me that are scared… I will work on moving in spite of the fear. The dim parts of me… I will work on shining more brightly. The parts of myself I don’t like… I will work on loving and accepting. This journey is for me to become the best version of myself I can be and not concern myself with what other people think.

So who is NIKiSOUL? We will soon find out!


Instead of walking through life in fear…

Let’s all live a F.E.A.R. Lifestyle!! Be You… Be Free!

F.E.A.R. = Freely Eliminate All Restrictions