We all have people in our lives that make us stop and ask ourselves… “Why the hell do I keep this person around me?” That’s what I call toxic! If you are asking yourself this question about certain people in your life, it may be time to free yourself.

Who Are Toxic People?

Everyone defines a toxic person differently but I define it as a person who disturbs my peace of mind. If you come around me and I get tense then you are toxic to me. When the phone rings and I see your name and the first thing I want to do is push that red IGNORE button, you are toxic. I am excited about something and all you can do is rain on my parade, you guessed it… toxic. When something good happens to or for me and your praise is phony as hell or you don’t even bother being happy for me at all… TOXIC!

There are so many other examples I can give but I’ll stop there.

Removing Toxic People From Your Life

Getting rid of toxic people can sometimes be easy and other times not so much. I feel it is pretty easy to dump a toxic person when the only reason they are in my life is because I choose to keep them there. In this case, I can really only blame myself because they wouldn’t be in my life if I didn’t have them there. Like I stated in another post, when people show you who they are… believe them! So if someone shows you they are toxic… believe them and head for the hills!

Other times, it’s not so easy like when you encounter toxic people at work. You can try to stay away from them but it can be difficult. The best thing to do is stay professional and don’t engage in any conversation that isn’t business related.

How about when you are related to a toxic person? Oh, that can be just a pain in the… Every time you go to a family gathering you cringe and think I hope she/he stays the hell away from me. Some people feel that if it’s family they should get a pass but I don’t. I respect the fact that we’re related but if they are toxic, I wish them the best from afar. I have no time for the B.S.

Free Yourself

Like I said before, if you are disturbing my peace of mind I have no time for it. I am sure many of us have enough stress in our lives that we don’t need some outside source making it worse. If you can’t get away from a toxic person then try to deal with it the best way you can but if you can…

                                                                          FREE YOURSELF FROM                                                                        ALL TOXIC PEOPLE!


How do you deal with toxic people in your life? Leave a comment below.  Be You… Be Free… Respectfully!

Instead of walking through life in fear…

Let’s all live a F.E.A.R. Lifestyle!! Be You… Be Free!

F.E.A.R. = Freely Eliminate All Restrictions


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