by Feb 23, 2019

Why I Started NIKiSOUL.com   – FEAR=Freely Eliminate All Restrictions

The reason I started this blog is because the one thing I have noticed talking to people over the years is most people don’t seem genuinely happy. I know happiness is a feeling that comes and goes. People just don’t appear to be at peace, content or free. I feel the main cause of this is FEAR! There are so many outlets to help people achieve this feeling but for some people it just doesn’t work.frown

I know many people that read self-help books, watch videos, go to church, see some type of therapist, follow celebrities and other successful people, etc. They are still unable to move past the “restrictions” they put on themselves to achieve internal peace and freedom. This has always saddened me because I too am one of these people at times. I am not criticizing all of the helpful things and people out there because they really do help A LOT of people. I started this blog to possibly help the people it doesn’t.

My Mission

My mission is to help others Freely Eliminate All Restrictions on their journey through life as I walk through my own. Hopefully, one day we can all learn, grow and challenge each other to make this world a better place. That may sound corny to some of you but that is really what I hope for and what I feel I am meant to do. Actually, that is what I’ve been doing all along but never truly admitted it to myself until now.

I have always been taught that our purpose is to serve others while also serving ourselves. I feel it is important to serve ourselves as well because feeling good inside is something that we all need to achieve that inner peace and freedom we crave so much for. Being able to help others achieve freedom throughout their journey has enabled me to achieve it as well. Honestly, I can ask for nothing more.

So, this is who I am and what I represent. Walk with me along my journey and allow me to help you along yours. I feel I can be of value to someone and I hope you do as well.

Free Being Me! Be You… Be Free!

Instead of walking through life in fear…

Let’s all live a F.E.A.R. Lifestyle!! Be You… Be Free!

F.E.A.R. = Freely Eliminate All Restrictions 


There is nothing wrong  with being selfish in a positive way…

If  others put themselves first and you put them first…

then you will always be last.

S.E.L.F. = Selfishly Experience Life Freely


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